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We spent twenty years travelling around this wonderful country and we soon fell in love with its rich culture, its warm people and its vibrant food.

For several years we dreamed of actually living here and then, when we discovered Nardò, our dreams turned rapidly into plans.

We visited the town several times and the draw became ever-stronger, with these lovely old streets and a square filled with friendly locals feeling less and less ‘destination’ and more and more ‘home.’

When the opportunity to own Palazzo Cariddi came up we just couldn’t resist ─ the chance to become part of the local way of life we’d admired and envied for so long.

Of course the restoration of this amazing 16th Century building was never going to be easy. These things are never easy ─ when the dream turns to reality ─ as you’ll see in our gallery.

But we made it. The place that was home to local aristocrats for century after century is now welcoming a whole new generation of visitors who appreciate a boutique B&B offering unhurried luxury in such wonderfully atmospheric surroundings.

This is our home where we live every day and we welcome our visitors with the kind of friendly and thoughtful service we would look for ourselves.

Far away from the tourist crowds yet never sleepy, life in Nardò is good. It soothes, restores and inspires. We look forward to sharing this unique experience with you very soon.

Debbie and Darrell Stacey

Safeguard our historical cultural heritage


With the ancient noble palaces of the Old Town, the noble villas of the Cenate, the fortified farms, the coastal towers, the parks and the botanical gardens, the territory of Nardò is one of the richest and most extensive of Salento and our peninsula.

The Neretine Historical Houses Association aims to enhance, recover and safeguard this unique heritage that history has given us and that it is our duty to preserve and promote in Italy and in the world

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