Spaces created for Renaissance living,
restored for the 21st Century

Whilst the Palazzo has all modern comforts, we’ve also worked with a local architectural adviser to retain every possible echo of a living space built for Italian aristocracy of the late 1500s.

The breakfast room, for example, was once an entrance area designed to link the rooms around it while also creating a grand first impression for arriving guests. This welcoming room retains its original tall windows and lancet (shaped like a spear-point) ceiling design.

Or, on warmer days, you can also choose to take breakfast outside in our pleasant courtyard unchanged from the days when it provided the Palazzo’s original owners with gentle shade from the Puglian sun.

Step back inside and you’ll notice a contemporary staircase that leads past an imposing archway and the Palazzo’s original stone manger, where family and guests’ horses would be fed and watered.

Follow the staircase to reach our lower and upper terraces. These are great places for meeting friends, for sun lovers and for those who simply want to take in the views across town and beyond with a glass of something cool.

Roof Terrace


The Building

Architectural Features

Safeguard our historical cultural heritage


With the ancient noble palaces of the Old Town, the noble villas of the Cenate, the fortified farms, the coastal towers, the parks and the botanical gardens, the territory of Nardò is one of the richest and most extensive of Salento and our peninsula.

The Neretine Historical Houses Association aims to enhance, recover and safeguard this unique heritage that history has given us and that it is our duty to preserve and promote in Italy and in the world

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